1966/Present – Magic Dick

From MagicDick.Com – Born in 1945 in New London, Connecticut, Magic Dick arrived in post-war America to the Atomic Bomb, World Peace, Bebop and Rhythm & Blues. Dynamic change and growth in the arts and technology would be the hallmark of this era and by the time he was eight Dick knew that music, painting and physics would be his primary interests. The trumpet was his constant companion and served as a springboard to the harmonica in his sophomore year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts where he met J. Geils and Danny Klein and became a founding member of the J. Geils Blues Band in 1968.

By 1969 the band had moved to Boston and joined forces with Peter Wolf, Stephen Jo Bladd and Seth Justman. In 1970 the J. Geils Band recorded their first of nine albums for Atlantic Records and toured incessantly, jamming with many of the blues greats including Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Junior Wells and James Cotton. The band developed a reputation for ‘getting crazy’ and devastated audiences for fifteen years with their high-energy style of Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll. These recordings showcase Magic Dick’s innovative harmonica playing, which served as a strong distinguishing sound for the band.

A series of five albums for EMI America followed culminating in the Platinum album Freeze Frame, released in 1981, which ascended to #1 on the Billboard album charts, spent four weeks there, and remained on the charts for a total of 70 weeks. The album’s first single, “Centerfold,” spent six weeks at #1 in Billboard. Freeze Frame’s title track followed “Centerfold,” peaking at #4.

Summer 1985‘Lost’ 3 Episode Season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode 3: Patrick Ewlng / Magic Dick of J. Geils Band

In a coup, SNL landed future NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing as a host a mere four days after he was drafted #1 overall by the New York Knicks. Sketches Included Too Talk With Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones, a Dallas sketch with Patrick Ewing as JR and three installments of White Guy Rap.

Ebersol: “Getting Patrick right after the draft was very exciting for everyone, a chance to get some positive momentum going. This was our best episode that summer by far, but I guess It was too little, too late.”

G.E. Smith: “A few months earlier, Peter Wolf was the musical guest right after J. Geiis Band broke-up, and to make it up to the rest of the band, they were all going to be on for our summer show. I guess they were still angry about Peter being on first. So at show time, the only member of the band who came was Magic Dick. But he still played. He did Centerfold twice, on just the harmonica. And Belushi was thrilled.”

Belushi: “Oh. that was great! He was the best one anyway. We should have had him back to do some Blues Brothers stuff.”

Michaela: “After the XTC beatings and the 20 minutes of dead air on the Orson Welles debacle, I knew that coming back was was the only way to salvage the show’s legacy. And these episodes. these are not, they do not count. I will say, the credits for that summer, they were very nice. We kept those when we came back. So, not a total loss, no.”

Subsequent to The J. Geils Band, Magic Dick performed as a guest artist harmonica soloist for Patty Smyth, Debbi Harry, Full Circle, The Del Fuegos and Ryuichi Sakamoto, among others.

In 1992, Magic Dick and J. Geils formed the band Bluestime featuring Magic Dick on harmonica and vocals and J. Geils on guitar.

Magic Dick’s years of experimentation and searching for new sounds and stylings for the harmonica cultivated a strong desire to improve the flexibility and quality of the harmonica so as to better fit into contemporary music yet retain the best characteristics of harmonica sound and cultural history. This development continues to this day in the recordings of Bluestime on Rounder Records, which feature prototypes of Magic Harmonicas’ expanding the role of the harp now, and for the future. Magic Dick’s intense drive to extend and enlarge the cultural history of the harmonica is shared in a balanced and fruitful union with Magic Harmonicas co-inventor and partner Pierre Beauregard.

Magic Dick & Shun Ng (2014) – Magic Dick the legendary harmonica player for the J. Geils Band partners up with acoustic guitar sensation and singer, Shun Ng. Magic Dick, has toured the world playing with some of the top names in the business as well as blowing away clubs to stadiums with the J. Geils Band since 1969.


Shun Ng, at 23 years old is already an international star. A soulful, world class guitarist and electric performer. As the legendary Quincy Jones puts it, “When you see Shun Ng, you won’t believe your eyes nor your ears — he belies all stereotypes, all premonitions. I was simply blown away by both his soul and his science — his creativity and his uniqueness is astounding.”

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Selected Tour Dates

June 2015
06/17/2015 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Iridium, New York, NY

August 2015
07/08/2015 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Bull Run, Shirley, MA

January 2016
01/30/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Amazing Things Art Center, Framingham, MA

February 2016
02/20/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Joey Kramer’s Rockin’ & Roastin’ Cafe and Restaurant, Newry, Maine

March 2016
03/31/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ CinemaSalem

April 2016
04/16/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Mainstay – 5753 Main St, Rock Hall, MD
04/29/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Beale Street Music Festival, Tom Lee Park (Downtown Memphis)

May 2016
05/21/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA

July 2016
07/24/2016Roomful of Blues with Magic Dick & Shun NgThe Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center, Plymouth NH

September 2016
09/30/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Tupelo Hall, Londonderry, NH (Set-List) (Photos)

October 2016
10/01/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA (Set-List)
10/02/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Palace Theatre, Stafford Springs, CT
10/07/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Havana, New Hope, PA
10/09/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng / The Slide Brothers @ The Tin Pan, Richmond, VA
10/25/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Kent Stage, Kent, OH
10/27/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Ballroom & The Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
10/28/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng / The Slide Brothers @ Callahans Music Hall, Auburn Hills, MI
10/29/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Warehouse, Carmel, IN
10/30/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Space

November 2016
11/19/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham, MA (Instagram)

December 2016
12/31/2016 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ New Years Needham, Congregational Church, 1154 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, MA

January 2017
01/19/2017 – Magic Dick & Blues Harp Explosion (Billy Branch, James Harman & Giles Robson) – Afternoon BBC Radio 2 recording for the Paul Jones Session. Evening show at the Blues Kitchen, Camden, London (Poster) (Video)
01/20/2017 – Magic Dick & Blues Harp Explosion (Billy Branch, James Harman & Giles Robson) – Butlin’s Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Skegness
01/21/2017 – Magic Dick & Blues Harp Explosion (James Harman & Giles Robson) – North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam

February 2017
02/17/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Falcon Arts, Marlboro, NY

March 2017
03/10/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @  The Fire House Center For The Arts, Newburyport, MA
03/25/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Stage on Herr, Harrisberg, PA
03/26/2017 – Magic Dick @ The  Blast Furnace Blues Festival, Bethlehem, PA

April 2017
04/05/2017 – Magic Dick, Sugar Ray Norcia & Mark Hummel @ Wilbert’s Food & Music, Cleveland, OH
04/21/2017 – Magic Dick @  The Ballroom Breakout, The Vally Dale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio – w/ Barrence Whitfield and Terry Davidson & The Gears (Postponed from Feb 25th)

May 2017
05/05&06/2017 – Magic Dick With The Blues Harp Explosion (James Harman & Giles Robson, The Moulin Blues Festival, Ospel, Netherlands (Photos)
05/12/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Chan’s Fine Oriental Dining, Woonsocket, RI

June 2017
06/03/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Mainstay, Rock Hall, MD
06/10/2017 – Magic Dick @ The 4th Annual Blues, Brews & Bikes Festival, El Prado, NM
06/11/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Crested Butte Center For The Arts, Colorado Photos)
06/21/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng (Private Show in Glen Burnie, MD)

July 2017
07/11/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng – 2 hour live stream at Concert Window.

September 2017
09/08/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Cafe Lenna in Saratoga Springs, NY
09/16/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Boston City Winery, 1 Canal Street, Boston (Postponed to Jan 6th, 2018)
09/16/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Iron House Music Hall, Northampton, MA
09/30/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Vinegar Hill Music Theatre, Arundel, ME

October 2017
10/06/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Spire Center For Performing Arts, Plymouth, MA
10/15/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar, Nashua, NH
10/18/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham, MA
10/22/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, Pennsylvania

November 2017
11/16,17&18/2017 – The Blues Harp Explosion featuring Billy Branch, James Harman and Magic Dick, Blues Alive XXII Festival, Sumperk, Czech Republic (Photos)

December 2017
12/15/2017 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Narrow Center, Fall River, MA

January 2018
01/06/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Boston City Winery, 1 Canal Street, Boston (Gallery)
01/20/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Courtyard Center for the Arts, West Kingston, RI
01/21/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Daryl’s House, Pawling, NY

February 2018
02/21/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival, Boquete/Chiriqui, Panama

March 2018
03/10/2018 – Magic Dick and Shun Ng @ The Lancaster Roots & Blues (The Village Nightclub)

April 2018
04/06/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @  The Fire House Center For The Arts, Newburyport, MA
04/19/2018 – A Free For All House Party With Magic Dick @ The Columbus Athenaeum, Columbus, OH (Posters)
04/27/2018 – Johnny A, Magic Dick and Shun Ng @ The Cutting Room, New York

June 2018
06/8-10/2018 – The 35th Annual Chicago Blues Festival, Millennium Park – The lineup includes Grammy Award winner and Kennedy Center honoree Mavis Staples, Fantastic Negrito, the Corey Dennison Band, a special all-star tribute to the 65th Anniversary of Delmark Records and label founder Bob Koester, Selwyn Birchwood, Willie Clayton, Kenny Neal, and an all-star tribute to Little Walter featuring Billy Branch, Kim Wilson,
Billy Boy Arnold, Corky Siegel, Rick Estrin, Sugar Blue and Magic Dick.
06/23/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Iron House Music Hall, Northampton, MA

August 2018
08/03/2018 – Johnny A, Magic Dick and Shun Ng @ The Vinegar Hill Music Theatre, Arundel, Maine
08/11/2018 – Magic Dick and Shun Ng @ the Kitchener Blues Fest (Photos)
08/18/2018 – Magic Dick and Shun Ng @ Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
08/26/2018 – Tommy Castro & The Painkillers w/ Magic Dick @ The Wildwood Amphitheater, Auburn Hills, MI

September 2018
09/21/2018 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Flying Monkey w/ Ana Popovic

November 2018
11/10/2018 – Magic Dick and Shun Ng @ Fur Peach Ranch, Pomeroy, OH

January 2019
01/27/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Daryl’s House, Pawling, NY

March 2019
03/02/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Acorn Theatre, Three Oaks, MI
03/03/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Token Lounge, Westland, Michigan

April 2019
04/26/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Spire Center For Performing Arts, Plymouth, MA – Support, Jordan Reynolds
04/27/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Bijou Theatre, Bridgeport, CT

June 2019
06/14/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The District Center For The Arts, Taunton
06/15/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Courthouse Center for the Arts, West Kingston, RI
06/21/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ Caffè Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY (Photo)

July 2019
07/05/2019 – Little Walter Tribute feat. Mark Hummel, Billy Boy Arnold, and Magic Dick @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2019

August 2019
08/09/2019 – Luther “Guitar Jr” Johnson w/ Magic Dick (J. Geils Band) & Shun NG @ Peterborough Concert Series, 1 Grove St, Peterborough, New Hampshire
08/16-17/2019 – Madison Ribberfest BBQ & Blues – Tommy Castro and the Painkillers with special guest Magic Dick
08/24/2019 – Paul Nelson Band, Magic Dick & Shun Ng, Mike Hayward’s Blue Lions, Schoenfeld & Wescott, and Deej SG w/Thom Hanes & Bunk @ 2nd Annual York County Blues Fest

September 2019
09/08/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ mActivity, New Haven, CT (POSTPONED)
09/27/2019 – Magic Dick & Shun Ng @ The Firehouse Center for the Arts, Newburyport, MA