26th May, 1980: PINK POP FESTIVAL – Geleen, Holland

Date: May 26th, 1980
Acts: Garland Jeffreys, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Joe Jackson Band, The Specials, Van Halen, J. Geils Band, The Jam.
Location: Burgemeester Damen Sportpark, Geleen, Holland
Admission: 32.50 (pre 27.50)
Weather: Sunny
Attendance: 50,000 sold)
Presentation: John Peel & Guy Mortier / Bram van Splunteren (interviews)
More Info & Photos at http://www.pinkpop.org/1980.htm

(Original air date 28th September 1980)

Info: On May 26th 1980 The Geils Band played at the PinkPop festival in Holland. A couple of days before, when the band got together in London, Seth, DK, J., Stephen, and Dick were shocked when they saw Peter with a black eye. Wolf was beaten up by a couple of Irish guys in a London pub because he talked too much.

Wolf had gone into a London pub soon after hitting the capital and inadvertently stumbled onto a scene resembling a saloon free-for-all. Wolf wasn’t directly involved, but the whole thing spilled out onto the streets and in Wolf’s own words, “the odds were not as beneficial as one might have liked. I mean it had nothing to do with me, but well, when push comes to shove, I don’t like being pushed, so i got in there. When they (United Artists in London) heard about it they said ‘how could you do this Wolf?’ I said fuck this, I’m not coming to London to sit in some poofy restaurant, ordering some 1961 Rothschild. I want to be in a pub” When the reporter visited Wolf at his Montcalmhotel his left arm was in a loose sling, he was walking with a limp and his left eye was badly damaged. Source: ‘The Hot Press’ magazine U.K.

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