Galen Rossop Bio

Galen was born in Exeter and grew up in Hampton Falls NH. His mother was a Dramatic Contralto and valedictorian at the Boston Conservatory while his great uncle was a baritone and villain with the New York Opera Company. His grandfather was a 1930’s big band leader while his uncle was the guitar player with Woody Herman’s Band. Another uncle played country and western music. His sister, Renee, played drums in Galen’s early bands before moving on to work with acts including the Grateful Dead.

Galen recorded his first professional session at Rick Tinory’s Recording Studio in Cohasset Massachusetts. Rick Tinory’s was Frank Sinatra’s Recording Studio.

Galen was 16. He had written or co-written all the songs for the band. Peter, Paul, and Mary had just finished their recording of “Leaving On A Jet Plane” before the teen band called Orphan arrived at the studio. After the usual jitters on the first night, things went smoothly. They had put together 6 tracks in a short period of time. Aerosmith was the next act up to bat after the young band finished their first sessions at Rick’s.


MGM Studios offered their last Star Maker’s Contract to Galen and his sister, Renee after Rick Tinory played the label their original music. Their parents refused to sign with the label and the Carpenters took their place with MGM. Orphan then played their first gig at the Hampton Beach Casino after getting local radio airplay. Orphan became the House Band at the Seagate during that summer at Hampton Beach.


Galen was a founding member of the Universal Underpass – The Universal Underpass was the first house band at the legendary club, “the Catacombs”. The Catacombs was a coffee house that was 3 floors down from street level. It was located near the Berklee College of Music. The Universal Underpass alternated gigs with J. Geils and Van Morrison. They once closed the club and jammed and partied all night with the Doors, Andy Warhol, Nico from the Velvet Underground, and the Incredible Eatable Blonde Squad from New York City.

The Universal Underpass hosted the weekly free Sunday “Summerthing” Concerts at Cambridge Common on Harvard Square from 1967 through 1968. They opened for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Janis Joplin, the Jefferson Airplane, the Young Bloods, Pacific Gas & Electric, MC5, the Quicksilver Messenger Service, the Fugs, Seatrain, Phulf, the Velvet Underground, the Paupers, the 3rd World Raspberry, the Left Bank, Earth Opera, the Rascals, the Corwell Winfield Blues Band, Grand Funk Railroad, Johnny Compton, James Taylor, Blue Cheer, Sly and the Family Stone, the Minute Men, Linda Ronstadt & the Stone Poneys, Canned Heat, Country Joe & the Fish, The Grateful Dead, and everybody else that went through Boston during that time period.

New England Associated Talent managed the Universal Underpass.

The Universal Underpass also worked as a house band at the Surf (Frolics) Ballroom at Salisbury Beach.

The Universal Underpass went on to become one of the house bands at the Psychedelic Supermarket in Kenmore Square. It was a converted warehouse. The club was a giant open parking lot type room with two stages on two sides and eventually some hippie shops that were set-up along the other two walls and sides. Some of the greats of Rock ‘n Roll played at the Psychedelic Supermarket. The Universal Underpass was honoured to have opened for some of them.


The Universal Underpass was the featured band at the Old South Church Sanctuary and Protest for the draft resistors, which was WBCN’s first simulcast with Peter Wolf as the DJ. It was a daytime event. Thousands of kids had gathered to protect the draft resistors who’s numbers had come up in the lottery. The cops raided the church at 4 am long after the crowd had thinned out. They dragged the draft resistors away by their hair.

The Universal Underpass played the Café Wha, the Electric Circus, the Fillmore East; they briefly toured with Steppenwolf and played a lot of college gigs.

Galen held the banner and marched with the ladies on the Equal Rights Equal Pay March in Boston in 1968. He can be clearly seen on film included in the PBS classic series “The American Experience” holding the center of the banner as they marched.

Galen worked with the Boston Arts Project on the creation of Boston After Dark, the Phoenix, Avatar, and Earth Magazines. Galen’s a published poet and author.

Galen also performed as a singer/harmonica back-up player with B.B. King, Frank Zappa, Chic Corea, Donovan, and Hot Tuna to mention a few.

Galen’s 1980’s band, the Bankers, had a number of songs engineered and produced by Jack-Stack-A-Track.


Jack-Stack-A-Track is a Rock ‘n Roll icon and legend. Jack engineered the Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, and more people than we can count.
The Bankers have a hundred song catalog. Many are well produced and are well worth listening to. Galen co-wrote and performed all the songs with his band. “If there’s a world on a speck of dust, it’s probably on the needle of an old jukebox
If there are more stars than men on Earth, then how much is a single dream worth?”
Lyrics from “Play My Record” by the Bankers Rossop/Grochmal

After Jack’s influence, Galen became an audio engineer. He has just written, performed, engineered, and produced his first solo Cd, “Red Robot” by the Robots from Mars.
It’s a tour de force of musical styles woven with rich harmonica and outstanding vocals.
Upcoming releases from Red Planet Records include: “DownLoads of a Mad Robot” by the Robots from Mars. A totally unique Cd complete with Martian Music and a robot rant against the Human race.


New CD Red Robot The Robots from Mars Cover Art by Ian Pyper

“Red Robot” by the Robots from Mars is available worldwide as streaming audio on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Applemusic, Medianet, Rdio, Tidal, Deezer, and Microsoft Groove.
CD Baby Link:

“Two Tales from the Magic Isles” by Galen Rossop. There are 10,000 islands in the Gulf of Maine and some are more than what they seem. Children’s Audio Book with a wide range of character voices. The music is totally unique to the production, which includes the Robots from Mars song, “Smiley Town”.

Galen is in the process of publishing his first eBook on Amazon in the Kindle format,
“When Robots Dream” is a Science Fiction Comedy.


When Robots Dream Kindle eBook by Galen Rossop Cover Art by Galen Rossop

His next upcoming Book on Kindle is “Hannah Screecher’s Ghost”
A New England Tale of ghosts and treasure and a family’s one chance at survival.

Galen works and resides in Maine.

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