Jay Geils 1962 Moretti 2500 SS Coupe

Source: http://www.bonhams.com/

1962 Moretti 2500 SS Coupe
Coachwork by Carrozzeria Moretti
Chassis no. 114BS – 112935

While many of the small tuning companies which rose up in Italy in the 1920s such as Siata and Stanguellini later went on to building complete Fiat-based vehicles, Moretti began slightly differently. Founded in 1925, it built motorcycles until WWII and in the immediate post-war period built microcars powered by their own two-cylinder engines. After launching a four-cylinder line, Moretti turned to Fiat-based cars in the late 50s and continued to build vehicles of this type until the firm closed in the late 80s…. It is believed that as few as 20 of these cars may have been built and the number of survivors has yet to be determined. Resident in France for a period of its life, this Moretti 250SS still wears a 1997 inspection sticker from that country. It is believed to have been imported to the U.S. by Peter Fino, who some time later sold it to the legendary rare sports car dealer Raymond Milo of West Hollywood, CA.

After Mr. Milo’s passing in 2009, the Moretti was purchased from his estate by J. Geils, rock musician and classic car enthusiast, for his collection. The vendor recently acquired the car from Mr. Geils. At some point in the near past the 2500SS was the subject of a European driver-level refurbishment and presents as an attractive, usable vehicle. The interior is largely original and the car is very complete, with all unique badges and trim intact. (More)

US$ 65,000 – 75,000
£38,000 – 44,000