Radio Show Interviews (1970 – 1983)

1971 – ROCK STARS WITH RICHARD ROBINSON: Radio Promo – Week of May 31 & June 7, 1971. 5:48 minute concert review and Peter Wolf interview. (Photo)
1972 – Alison’s Tea House: Fun little interview with Peter Wolf. (Photos)
1976 – “J Geils Band Day” Award Presentation: April 28th, 1976: “J Geils Band Day” Award Presentation @ The Boston Garden.
1976 – Crawdaddy Interview With Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band: Crawdaddy Radio LP No.4 – Circa 1976. A vinyl LP released by Crawdaddy magazine featuring a 12 minute interview with Peter Wolf just after the release of the double live LP ‘Blow Your Face Out’.
1977 – ‘Rock Around The World’ Radio Show #158: Aug 14/20, 1977. Interview With Peter Wolf & Magic Dick.
1980 – The Seth & Pete Radio Show: Thanks to Hotline member Johan (Jakessteaks) for this exclusive clip from a 1980 radio show. On May 26th, after the Pink Pop Festival, Peter Wolf and Seth Justman were invited to play one hour of their favourite music on an Amsterdam radio show.