University Road, Cambridge MA

Peter Wolf’s Apartment in the late 60′s early 70′s. A large building on the corner of University Road and Mount Auburn Street.


This photo by Steve Nelson shows Peter Wolf outside his apartment door with Doug Slade (rhythm guitarist in Pete’s first band The Hallucinations) and a lady friend in an early J. Geils T-Shirt Interview with Arnold Trachtman

The turning point occurred thirteen years ago when I bought a three decker house in working class, largely Latino and immigrant, East Boston. That meant packing up after some 25 years of living in the People’s Republic of Cambridge. Many of those years were spent residing in the Murder Building on University Road in Harvard Square. Musicians and artists like Peter Wolf, Ed Hood, and Magic Dick lived in the building which had been the site of several spectacular murders including a victim of the Boston Strangler as well as a ritual killing of an anthropology graduate student from Harvard. We hung out in the cafeteria Cardell’s and argued art and politics at the Patisserie. It was the era of Vietnam and its aftermath so artists like Arnie were comrades in arms. Then I moved, became a home owner, got married, got straight and started morphing socially and politically.


Early summer, 1972: I was living in an apartment just off Harvard Square on the corner of Mt. Auburn Street and University Road in Cambridge, Mass. It was the coolest apartment building in the city. Most of the J. Geils Band lived there as well as an assortment of writers, poets, anarchists, and trustafarians. It was a rent controlled – as long as you were sub-leasing from the original tenant.


Press photo used in Rolling Stone Magazine Issue No.140, August 2nd, 1973


Peter Wolf outside his Apartment block in 1973. (Rolling Stone Magazine. August 2nd 1973. Photo by Annie Leibovitz)


September 2014